At the World Leather Congress, scheduled in New York on July 16, focus on the value of “leather in everyday life”

Gearing up for the event, more than one year ahead of it. The upcoming edition, namely the fourth one, of the World Leather Congress, the international tanners meeting, will take place in New York on July 16, 2019. Leather Industries of America (LIA), together with USHSLA (the US Hide and Leather Association) and with the supervision of ICT (the International Council of Tanners) are going to be in charge of the organization of the conference. A relevant and pragmatic support will be provided by UNIC (the Italian Tanners Association) and Lineapelle: it is no coincidence that Lineapelle’s leather fair (Lineapelle New York), scheduled in July 2019, will kick off in the Big Apple the day after WLC, that is on Wednesday 17th, and will close its stands on Thursday 18th. It will be a 2.0 edition, since it will be based – as pointed out by ICT in their release – on kind of cultural concept: Leather in Everyday Life. Focus on fashion. Speakers will talk about it aiming to emphasize the role of leather as a material that ideally suits fashion creativity; as well, they will stress the importance of leather in terms of product plans, in all the manufacturing sectors that employ and develop it. On top of that, they will spotlight leather for “its several and valuable interactive applications in our everyday life. Some lecturers will also speak about the value of leather in terms of sustainability”. A fashion show, which is still to be defined, will close the World Leather Congress. You better save the date.


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