Auburn Leather turn Chinese, but jobs in the States are safe: “27% of our clientele is here”

Auburn Leather’s 50 employees or so have no reason to get worried: in fact, although Chinese Isa Tantec have bought out the company, thus moving the core business to China, they are not planning to attend to any dismissal in the United States. Manufacturing remains there. Lisa Howlett, president of Auburn Leather, announced it while talking to WKU Public Radio. At the completion of the closing deal, she clears up, manufacturing will be increasingly carried out in China, in order to drive the business expansion in the Chinese country. Yet, for the time being, since “27% of the company customers” reside and buy in the Americas (Brazil, Canada, The USA and Mexico, most of all), “we have to provide them with our products – she points out – made in the Auburn plant”.


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