Camera Arbitrale Pelli kicks off the new season today in Milan, while appointing the Management Board and the Arbitrators Designation Committee

Camera Arbitrale Pelli’s new season kicks off today. Following their relocation, from Genoa historical headquarters to Milan, the institute called today their first extraordinary general meeting. On the agenda, they discussed about strategies to revamp their activity, started in 1936, which now requires an upgrading to activate and implement (among others) “procedures faster, set enquiries on specific issues related to commercial controversies” and revamp the Chamber through the development of international synergies as well. During the meeting, held today in Milan, they appointed the new Arbitrators Designation Committee, which will be composed by Francesco Matelli, the president of the Chamber, together with Rino Mastrotto and Nick Winters, and the new Management Board, which is due to remain in office for the next four years. These are the members of the board: retailers Mario Bocchino (Hide), Claudio Brizzi (Brizzi Agenzie), Edoardo Gerolimetto (S. Marco Pelli), Livio Pellini (Ryffel), Mario Ruffoni (Conceria del Corso); industrialists Edoardo Alberio (Siva), Diodato De Maio (DMD), Rocco Finco (Adelaide), Renato Sartori (Gruppo Mastrotto), Luca Tempesti (Conceria Tempesti); brokers Antonio Bettega (Bettega), Dario Costanzo (Kosmopel), Francesco Matelli (Natelli), Paolo Peirè (Peirè) and Piero Rilievo (Rilievo). Luca Laurini has been appointed as auditor. Camera Arbitrale’s revamp does begin from here.


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