Caution and safety urge PrimeAsia to relocate from China to Vietnam

Cautela e sicurezza, PrimeAsia trasloca dalla Cina in Vietnam

Caution and safety have been urging PrimeAsia to relocate “part of their leather tanning activity from China” to Vietnam. In fact, owing to Coronavirus outbreak, on Tuesday 12 February the Chinese group announced they decided to take precautionary measures. Besides that, they also emphasized that, however, none of their local employees had positive result for Coronavirus infection. Nevertheless, they suggested that they should be held in isolation, in their own apartments, in order to prevent any possible risk.

Precautionary measures

The PrimeAsia factory, based in Vietnam, as pointed out by the group in an online press release, “is running at full speed: that is why we are planning to move there part of our Chinese work activity”. Likewise, we are going to relocate to this manufacturing plant “our Chinese staff, who will come back to work after celebrating the New Year’s Eve and spending their vacation out of China. More than likely, we will not be able to achieve full production standards for a few weeks – remarked PrimeAsia –, yet we are confident that, by 17th February, we shall manage to reach around 80% of our operating capacity, as all of the tannery working areas will be running at full speed”. The leather-tanning group also announced they have implemented some protocols whose aim is to safeguard staff safety. In example given, they have set regular temperature check and protection measures by wearing masks; in addition, they have forbidden “mass gathering and access to visitors”.

No infection case

PrimeAsia made clear, in a press release, they have “taken immediate and straightforward action to make sure their employees will receive proper treatment and will be safe and sound”. Out of all PrimeAsia employees, 30% of them currently work in Dongguan headquarters. None of them had positive result for Coronavirus infection. Yet, the company announced they also kept in close touch with 75% of the other workers, currently employed in China and Taiwan. Likewise, none of them tested positive for the virus.

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