China, the leather segment grows 4.3% in the first semester, but not at the same speed as before: the tanning segment slides

Total turnover for the Chinese leather, fur, and leather goods’ segment is growing in the first semester: including the businesses that have revenue of at least 3 million USD per year, total business done reaches 87 billion USD, which is 4.3% more than the previous year. What decreased is the growth rate, now 2.3% lower than before. This data was explained by Lu Yuzhong, president of CLIA (reference association for the leather segment in China), to ACLE’s public. In the same manner, with regards to the same time-period, (4.9 billion USD) are expanding by 4%, but 5.1% less than the previous period. Looking at the single segments, for the first six months of 2018, China’s tanning segment has slid considerably: finished leather production (310 million square meters) is worth 11.4% less than in 2017. Leather clothing and fur clothing are have also decreased (-0.9% and -0.6% respectively). The one segment growing is the footwear one (+3.2%). CLIA’s outlook for the whole chain is a single-digit growth for the second half of the year, due to a general consolidation of businesses’ activities.



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