China’s leather chain is sure it will exist “forever”

China’s leather chain is sure it will exist “forever”

The agenda of the Chinese leather chain has many action items. The “green” turn. Semester data. The conviction that it will exist forever. And so, the president of CLIA (reference association), Li Yuzhong, said that “the chains will last forever – according to leatherbiz -, because it guarantees the prosperity of the population while strengthening the country”.

 The turning point of China’s leather industry

CLIA’s president spoke to the public during the 29th edition of China International Leather Fair in Xinji. The representative also spoke of the chain’s “green development”, in line with the national government policies. The association’s VP, Chen Zhanguang, highlighted how the segment’s businesses are undergoing a “very critical” phase. But, for a circular material such as leather, technological innovation can be an additional tool to reach the set objectives.

Semester data

While the top management of the segment believes in their continuity, data published by CLIA show some concerning trends emerging in the first semester of 2021. On yearly basis, the local leather industry grew 11% (reaching 74 billion USD in revenue). All product categories showed positive performances: footwear (+10%), bags (+9,5%), tanning (+21%), apparel (+9%). The numbers though aren’t that surprising, given that the comparison is being done on the pandemic period. Yet, there is one trend that is to be monitored: Leatherbiz reported a slowdown of overall growth rates on a month-to-month comparison.

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