Mass market outdoes luxury: Zara and H&M beat Burberry and Hermès out in the world brand top 500 ranking

Tough times for luxury brands, outdone by fast fashion and mass market brands. According to the latest Brand Finance “Global 500”, which pinpoints the most prestigious companies in the world ,fashion exclusive brands are being outdone by mass-market competitors. Nike have been performing best, as they place 28th in the world ranking (+13%). Looking at the top hundred, Swedish H&M stand out as they place 63rd in the rankings (+11), as well as Zara , which place 90th thanks to a 43% value increase over the last year. As for luxury brands, Louis Vuitton are doing fair enough, as they move up from rank 110 to 101, still they are far away from IT giants (Google, Apple and Amazon). Likewise Gucci, newly fostered by Michele and Bizzarri, achieves positive outcome, placing 219th in the rankings (+42). Bad marks for the other brands: Hermès has currently moved down to rank 172 (-3), Burberry has moved down to rank 409 (-65), Michael Kors has moved down to rank 457(-65). As for Prada, currently down to rank 463(-17), they are perilously getting close to the bottom of rankings. They better be aware of it.


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