Chinese now urge US leather traders on anti-CRV reassurances

Chinese now urge US leather traders on anti-CRV reassurances

One can find the news, kind of revelation actually, in the newsletter published by LHCA (Leather and Hide Council of America), the US leather trade association. Allegedly, Chinese authorities have been demanding, for a while at this point, anti-CRV reassurances, which must be provided by companies importing into China food commodities. In other words, they require some documents certifying that Coronavirus has not infected goods nor their trade industry. At present, such measure supposedly applies to raw hides and skins and finished leather as well.

Chinese demand anti-CRV reassurances

“To the best of our knowledge, China’s Customs Agency are also urging companies importing raw hides and finished leather from the United States – reported LHCA – to provide some papers to certify that imported goods are Coronavirus-free”.

Besides that, Chinese customs authorities also demand further reassurance about the “manufacturing plants materials come from: importers must supply evidence that, at the time of production, none of the workers were Covid-19 positive and, in addition, among other requirements, they must also guarantee the safety of packaging itself”.

A scenario of tensions

Looking at the big picture, the incident is part of a wider scenario of tensions currently underway between the two partners. As a matter of common knowledge, the USA and China have been up against each other, in the so-called Trade War, since the appointment of President Trump and his administration.

According to LHCA, the US government is telling operators not to enclose, in their shipments, any of the requested documents about Covid-19. Despite that, many companies are actually complying with China’s request in order to avoid any hindering problems during customs clearance.

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