Chronicles of India: leather recovers, while a green project takes off

Chronicles of India: leather recovers, while a green project takes off

Leather in India is recovering and trying to create a greener future. CLE (Council of Leather Export) has published the result of an industry analysis that highlights the recovery of leather goods’ exports. Numbers that give hope to the segment’s operators. Meanwhile, the government announced a sustainability initiative for the Calcutta district.

India’s leather recovers

CLE published the latest available date relating to the export of leather products: the numbers show a partial re-alignment with pre-Covid levels. The country’s businesses, in June, had revenue equal to 60% of that of 2019. In August, the percentage went up to 83%. According to the association’s managers, the value will be up to 90% in September. “Orders are okay and we are optimistic”, commented CLE’s President, Aqeel Ahmed Panaruna to The new market dynamics are pushing companies to open more towards the US market.

A greener future

Meanwhile, prime minister Mamata Banerjee announced the start of an international collaboration to find new environmental solutions for tanning. The initiative aims at improving the management of the waste that is created during the tanning process, to bring the segment to be “zerowaste”. The project will be financed by the European Union, which aims at tightening commercial ties with India. Dutch company Solidaridad will physically work on the project that focuses on both solid and liquid waste, as well as recycling the by-products to create new business opportunity and support for the population.

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