Cotance’s roadmap: focus on standing up, to the bitter end, against fake news and “increasing demand for more and more unreasonable tests”

In 2018, they need to gear up to tackle current issues. In 2019, Cotance are going to celebrate their 50th anniversary, while aiming, with stronger and gritty determination, to “give leather what belongs to leather”. During their latest general meeting, the European confederation of national leather tanning associations appointed the new president (Austrian Andreas Kindermann, chief executive officer of Wolldorf Leather). Moreover, they also closely pointed out what their prospective roadmap is going to be, looking ahead at 2019 and their 50 years to celebrate. They will mainly focus their efforts, in terms of plans and implementing actions, on two topical issues. The former is about increasing “fake news” – emphasize Cotance in their release – “that remarkably affect the way people generally think of leather. Vegan and environmentalist associations mostly convey such misleading information, as they primarily want to eradicate meat consumption and wipe out the business. Aiming to reach this goal, they keep spreading around, most of all in the internet, false and misleading information about leather and leather tanning industry”. The latter is about the “increasing demand for more and more unpredictable and unreasonable tests, coming from customers, especially in the fashion industry. Such tests are just an additional, unprofitable and unnecessary cost for tanners and a potential threat to their margin profits”. Hence, Cotance are ready to stand up against that, to the end, while setting, at the same time, valuable counterattack strategies.



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