Mipel Lab preview at Pitti, in partnership with Lineapelle

Mipel Lab preview at Pitti, in partnership with Lineapelle

“An absolute preview and a significant and tangible initiative of the made in Italy united as a system”. Assopellettieri (association belonging to Confindustria Moda) will present the new Mipel Lab project at Pitti Uomo (June 30th – July 2nd). In other words, an exhibition format created in partnership with Lineapelle.

Preview at Pitti

At Pitti, a note reads, “Assopellettieri will create a special installation dedicated to an important supply chain project”. A project “designed to promote the excellence of Made in Italy production in the leather goods sector throughout the world”. It will be a “large multimedia sculpture” that “will offer – by skilfully mixing video contributions dedicated to the various companies and material elements linked to fashion trends – a suggestive preview of a large and articulated project”. We are talking about Mipel Lab exhibition format, “created by Assopellettieri in partnership with Lineapelle”.

Mipel Lab

“Assopellettieri has chosen to dedicate the creation of a new exhibition to the production world. A pioneering concept, as much as Mipel was, in this year that marks the 60th anniversary of its birth”. It is called Mipel Lab and “it foresees a new exhibition appointment, which will debut annually in Milan, starting from September 2021, simultaneously and in partnership with Lineapelle, with which it will also share the spaces”. And not only. Mipel Lab also contemplates “the creation of a technological platform that will represent the digital interface of the trade fair”. The objective is to enhance “the business value throughout the year”.

Looking at the future

Mipel Lab resumes something that started in February 2020, and today represents a sort of response to the upheaval caused by Covid. “We have approached the crisis in the best possible way: by investing – says Franco Gabbrielli, president of Assopellettieri -. Presenting one of our flagship projects for the supply chain in one of the temples of international fashion, such as Pitti Uomo is: a great opportunity and a source of pride for us. Seeing Assopellettieri, Pitti Immagine and Lineapelle work together is a great achievement and an opportunity for the future”.

Enthusiasm and courage

Words supported by Gianni Russo, president of Lineapelle, comment: “After the terrible moment  we have lived, I find the collaboration between organisations and associations fundamental. On this premise, as Lineapelle, we have joined this project with great enthusiasm, and will put all our efforts into ensuring its success”. Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine, concludes: “I find many good reasons in the Mipel Lab operation, and many similarities with our policy. It is a new exhibition project, which was born in a difficult moment, but which for this very reason launches a message of will and entrepreneurial courage. It is a system operation that promotes the best qualities of Italian manufacturing and its districts”.


For Assopellettieri, the preview of Mipel Lab at Pitti Uomo “is part of a broader framework of key initiatives”. The most imminent concerns the second edition of the States-General of Italian Leather. They will take place on June 28 in Florence at the Salone dei Cinquecento at Palazzo Vecchio.

In the imagoeconomic photo: Mipel, September 2020

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