Dani and Unicredit: 4-million- euro minibond to support growth and complete 4.0 investments

News comes from Arzignano and has to do with the Italian tanning segment, showcasing how much this sector is doing to sustain its growth, modernity and sustainability. Unicredit underwrote a bond loan worth 4 million euro issued by Conceria Dani. This is, explains the company’s ceo Giancarlo Dani, “a “minibond, innovative solution that allows the tannery to complete its important planned investments and to continue the global commercial expansion strategy”.  The specifics: the investments made by Vicenza-based tannery in the beginning of 2018 and fundamental to sustain the 5-years’ industrial plan leading to the modernization of machinery and equipment for an industry 4.0 vision. While “since a few months prior – continues Dani -, the production of the new tanning department of Dani and Volpi has begun in Ponte a Egola, which will permit us to face new clients and new contracts. We live in a period of great change. Italy’s tanning industry is the world’s leader, recognized for its competencies, versatility, quality, speed and service. The segment needs to continue believing in itself and investing in high-quality manufacturing”. A factor, the latter, that according to Dani must “allow Italian leather to remain firmly and exclusively produced in Italy, so that those in the world looking for the best quality leather is forced to come here. The juncture lives of highs and lows, but those, like us, with 70 years of experience and with a good product, will continue to have room and will surely suffer less through the hardest moments”. Dani, tannery founded in 1950 has “about 1,300 employees distributed among the different production sites in Italy and abroad, and has a revenue in Italy of about 180 million, 75% of which comes from export” lives in a time in which, explains its ceo, “we can say to be cautiously calm, benefiting from a good period”. He concludes by saying: “In order to capture far away markets we must supply quality, fast delivery and cutting services and well-done preparation of leather: for this reason, we must garrison the countries we are interested in and be right outside the clients’ doors”.


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