Dani, green upgrade: first the certification for energy management

Dani, green upgrade: first the certification for energy management

The goal, in a wide sense, is to “give value to everyday choices. With the objective of improving ourselves and becoming more sustainable”. This mission, for Dani, Vicenza-based tanning group, means making an additional upgrade in a green direction. A step that coincided with the delivery, from DNV, of “the first certification for energy management given in Italy to a tannery”: ISO 50001.

Dani chooses to start by certifying energy management

650 employees, 4 plants, one process to map energy fluxes of each department. A “complex effort – explained Andrea Sapri, Sustainability & HSE manager at Dani -, quantitative. It began in 2016, it allowed us to know the distribution of all consumptions and energy, to arrive and understand how to better management productivity”. Moral: “Being sustainable isn’t just a duty: being more sustainable makes you more efficient”.

Green upgrade

“We are very proud to have obtained the ISO 50001 certification – commented Giancarlo Dani, president of Dani -. A result that adds one more recognition, after the many already obtained for trackability of raw materials, trustworthiness of manufacturing processes, ethical efforts, and environmental sustainability. An efficient management of energy is a fundamental aspect for Dani. It allows us to reduce our environmental impact, but it also allows us to guarantee a reduction in costs, all while contributing to improving company processes”.

ISO 50001

The entity that awarded the ISO 50001 certification, DNV “confirmed the conformity of the energy management system during the manufacturing process for the full cycle, from raw hides to finished leather”. “Our verifications – says Massimo Alvaro, CEO Business Assurance Italy at DNV -, provided a fully satisfactory outcome. The verification of the implementation level proved the system is operating correctly throughout the entire manufacturing process, proving the group’s wish to continuously improve the company’s energy performances”. The management of the process that awarded the energy certification to Dani was coordinated in collaboration with Energy Team, which developed a customized software based on the needs of the Vicenza-based tanning group.

In photo from the left: Iacopo Bottelli (Commercial & Sales Specialist Energy Team), Giancarlo Dani, Massimo Alvaro and Andrea Sapri

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