Electricity only from renewable sources for Gruppo Mastrotto

Electricity only from renewable sources for Gruppo Mastrotto

Gruppo Mastrotto’s 100% electricity is now powered by from renewable sources”. The Vicenza tannery celebrates the achievement of a significant result in its green strategy, #SustainabilityNextLevel, on its social accounts.

Sustainable goals

“From this year, 100% of the electricity acquired by Gruppo Mastrotto is certified from renewable sources”, they write from the headquarters in Arzignano (Vicenza). The result is not an end in itself, quite the contrary. “This way, we contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by over 5,000 tons per year, equal to 21% of the total – they add -. And, at the same time, the reduction of the Gruppo Mastrotto’s emissions is equal to the action of 250,000 trees in absorbing CO2”. The improvement of energy procurement practices, we said, is “a further step forward reaching the next level of sustainability – they conclude -. This way, we affirm our commitment to safeguarding the environment and respecting people”.

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