Excellence storytelling: International roadshow for UNIC/Lineapelle

The project’s title is particular and stimulating. And the objective is as well. UNIC – Italian Tanners and Lineapelle (with the support of ITA – Italian Trade Agency), are launching a new international workshop titled StoryTechTelling. Among the many phases, the first one was in China: Thursday, May 30th, in Shanghai. The second one is in Spain: June 6th, in Madrid. The third in Sweden: June 14th, in Stockholm. A real-life roadshow that wants to transmit a “new type of narrative and sharing of the excellence of leather and that of other fashion materials”. The key word is 360 degree “innovation”. “The innovative, evolutive and smart series of solutions – say the organizers – will be put under the spotlight. These approaches combine the traditional artisanal footprint with a high level of technology”.  Every seminar presents itself as “an occasion to deepen one’s knowledge for leather’s circular identity and versatility, by providing reflection moments on how materials are fundamental for the creation of new-generation fashion accessories. The entire life cycle of these creations will be showcased: a story that starts with the way in which one imagines leather or another material, and ends with the moment in which a handbag or pair of shoes become must-have for consumers”.

Images from Lineapelle’s archive


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