Honda patent “smart functional leather”, a smart leather to collect and convey information

Allegedly Honda have submitted, at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the US patent agency, an application for “smart functional leather”. The news has been reported by, an information website fully dedicated to car lovers and fans. According to the magazine, Japan’s car manufacturer has supposedly designed and developed a peculiar material to hold layers of electrical networks, suitable for several purposes. In example given, such smart functional leather could embed some light-emitting diodes (LED) to display, either on the dashboard or on the steering wheel, multiple useful information for drivers, such as driving speed and engine’s revolutions. In addition, as reported by, Honda are planning to add, in their cars, some wireless chargers, covered with smart functional leather, therefore “concealed” in the dashboard. Furthermore, such new material might also enhance the driving safety standards. Honda are also planning to install, in the seating upholstery, some sensors to detect passengers’ biomedical vital signs, to subsequently monitor their body functions. In the event of a car accident, they will immediately convey all information to authorities, ahead of their arrival.

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