France, Maison Soler tanning ostrich: “Nobody is doing it anymore”

Maison Soler concia lo struzzo

Maison Soler creates a new line of ostrich leathers. The tannery, which define itself as “artisanal”, adds the product to its catalog at the request of French ostrich farmers themselves, who, within borders of the Hexagon, no longer find possible customers for their raw hides. “In France, no one is tanning any more – says Jorge Soler, who is also a taxidermist, on News Auvergne -, brands buy mainly finished materials from South Africa, where there are large industrial tanneries. I said to myself: it’s a niche to get”.

The challenge

Between words and deeds there is expertise. The technicians of Maison Soler had to work hard before getting to a worthy product for the luxury industry. “The challenge fascinated me: at the beginning I wasted many ostrich hides before reaching a satisfactory result – concludes Soler -. The ostrich has very particular characteristics: it is fragile and difficult to work. But now I am able to follow the whole process until finishing”.

Photo from Maison Soler website


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