Going on a tour around Robin Hood’s tanneries: visit Nottingham medieval underground baths, and have a party there

Visitors may go to England and discover tanning places and methods which date back to medieval times. A unique experience which gives the opportunity to see the only British underground tannery which has been preserved up to the present days. Here, we may assume with a little imagination, they manufactured leather for Robin Hood’s quiver. Tourists will get into a reticulation of tunnels joined together with hundreds of caves, along with underground locations where they may meet up for a drink, a draught beer more than likely, considering that we are in England. Nottingham’s tourism council, City of Cave, organizes guided tours around the medieval tanneries located in the city. They were originally built in the sandstone quarries: facilities were connected to the river Leen, a local river, and they went on working until the 16th century. Here they used to manufacture sheep and goat leather, as one can surmise based on small-sized baths. The BBC network has reported a tale about Nottingham underground caves: in the medieval times a lot of dung and urine were employed in the tanning process. Therefore, stink around was extremely disgusting: even rats felt repulsed about it and kept away from the place. For such reason, that is, the absence of rats, which were potentially carriers of contagious diseases, people liked the area, and settled here to live. Despite the nauseating stink.


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