ICEC’s year (which wants to grow more) closes on a high note

ICEC's year (which wants to grow more) closes on a high note

ICEC’s 23/24 business year closes with growth. From June 2023 to May 2024, the number of certified companies increased by 15% year-on-year, while the number of issued certifications increased by 20%. On this basis, the leading certification body in the leather area, which held a session in Milan on June 13th for its board meeting and assembly (in photo), outlined its growth plan for the coming year. The focus is on updating the schemes in light of new European regulations and international development.

ICEC closes with growth

ICEC faces the new year thanks to about 700 certifications and a network of clients concentrated in Italy, but that also extends to 8 foreign countries (including Spain, France and Germany). “We are at the service of the international leather supply chain”, commented Sabrina Frontini, director of ICEC. Last year’s growth was supported by the growth of the team. We are now looking to branch out to exclusive inspectors in Italy and abroad”. ICEC’s certification services cover environment, health and safety, social responsibility, traceability, made-in, product, quality, and chemistry.

There are new developments in the pipeline, such as for the slaughterhouse database, biodegradability of hides, the new UNI 11416 standard for tanning subcontractors. ICEC is having to operate within a wide context of activity that maintains a special focus on animal welfare and traceability, especially in view of the coming into force of the EUDR (anti-deforestation) regulation for cattle. “We are updating the scheme”, Frontini concludes, “to help companies carry out their own due diligence”.

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