ICT on Brazil: “Saying no to leather is a simplistic choice”

Fires in the Amazonia forest have been topic of great concern around the globe, because the South American tropical forest is an environmental matter that concerns the entire planet. But thinking of stopping the purchases of leather from Brazil is the wrong manner with which to resolve the issue: moreover, it’s “simplistic”. Maybe, so much shown concern is mainly due to “public relations” reasons. These words were chosen by Paul Pearson, secretary general of the International Council of Tanners (ICT) to describe the action of VF Corp and H&M. The two fashion grouos have recently stated they are no longer going to buy Brazilian leather, until the South American suppliers give them the necessary assurances over the sustainability of their operations.

Straight from O Globo’s columns.

Pearson’s answer is entrusted to the columns of Brazil’s newspaper O Globo. Here, ICT’s manager condemns “the deforesting of Amazonia, environmental threat to the planet”, but highlights how stopping the purchases of Brazilian leather is a “simplistic reaction”, dictated not by logic, but rather by “public relations” reasons. “The majority of Brazilian tanneries is getting certified – guarantees Pearson, repeating what already states by CICB, Brazilian association for the segment -. Clients are constantly asking companies to prove their environmental credentials. It’s disappointing to see these efferts go unnoticed and punished by such bans”. All these actions take no account of what happens on the lower end of the end industry.


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