ICT renews its presidency: Bekir Burak Uyguner (Turkey) was elected

ICT renews its presidency: Bekir Burak Uyguner (Turkey) was elected

As per tradition, on Sunday March 12, i.e. the day before the start of APLF (Asia Pacific Leather Fair), ICT’s Annual Meeting (left photo), aka the International Council of Tanners, was held. An important occasion to take stock of a complex economic situation. And not only, since the renewal of the presidency was celebrated, office that was entrusted to Bekir Burak Uyguner, owner of the Turkish tanning group of the same name (on the right in the photo).

ICT renews presidency

Bekir Burak Uyguner takes over from Mwinyihija Mwinyikione, president of the African Leather and Leather Products Institute (Africa Leather Association). Head of the historical tannery of the same name (Uyguner Tanning, year of foundation: 1935), of which he represents the third generation, Uyguner also chairs the Turkish Leather Industrialists Association. Uyguner Tanning produces leather for upholstery, footwear, clothing and leather goods.

A complex situation

Uyguner’s election was the setting for a round table discussion where it emerged that the current tanning situation remains particularly uncertain and not very reassuring. Not only from a business point of view, but also from that of production management. Under the spotlight, in fact, are a number of current issues involving the European Union that may have obvious repercussions on the tanning industry. For example, as ICT writes in a note, “due diligence for deforestation risk-free products (including raw hides and leather), and chemical legislation concerning the use of chromium, bisphenols, glutaraldehyde and PFAS in leather”.

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