ICT replace top management, appoint Lisa Howlett new president and update some guidelines about raw material provision

Waiting for the Asia Pacific Leather Fair to kick off, ICT, the International Council of Tanners, held their annual meeting, which took place today in Hong Kong, to replace their top management. Former president Richard Pai, from Taiwan, leaves the company, and new president Lisa Howlett takes over. The new leader is an American entrepreneur: her tannery, Auburn Leather, has been recently bought out by tanning giant ISA Tan Tec. Mwinyikione Mwinyihija, executive director of African association COMESA/Leather and Leather Products Institute, has been appointed vice-president. During the ICT meeting, Cotance (the confederation of European tanning associations) presented their project to reach a global industry agreement against protectionism and gave their welcome to the new members: Russia and Uzbekistan. They discussed and approved a few amendments to the new guidelines about raw material provision, which entered into force last year. They were first updated during the Italian presidency held by Rino Mastrotto (Rino Mastrotto Group) and subsequently implemented by his successor, Richard Pai (in the picture with Lisa Howlett, new president of ICT).


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