Lineapelle Virtual Networking: a 4-week-long agenda for digital events

Lineapelle Virtual Networking: a 4-week-long agenda for digital events

It is going to be a long-lasting agenda focusing on “webinar, theme e-forums and live presentations”. It will kick off on Tuesday, 14 July 2020, and will go on, online, until August 7th. The project “primarily lies in A New Point of View, a conceptual standpoint”. In other words, “the physical exhibition event, designed and promoted by Lineapelle, which will take place at Fieramilano Rho on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd, 2020”. It aims at building up “an active link, shared and engaging, with one’s own global community”. How is it going to make it? We are about to tell you shortly: focus on the project A New Point Of View / Lineapelle Virtual Networking.

Lineapelle Virtual Networking

“Lineapelle – as emphasized in an official press release – is due to launch, from 14 July until 7 August 2020, a full show schedule on digital events”. Such is the starting aim of the project: “To overcome the forced impossibility, caused by Covid-19 outbreak, to run regularly Lineapelle London and Lineapelle New York summer editions”. Hence, then, the “Lineapelle Virtual Networking” initiative. The project itself “develops contents, services and digital tools supporting exhibitors. Firstly, they will be able to enjoy the opportunity to present remotely their own collections to buyers and fashion designers, by using an interactive formula, named Brand Spot Live. There is (much) more about anyway.

A 4-week-long agenda for digital events

Lineapelle Virtual Networking “is going to supply much more”. For example, it will propose a virtual variation of the next style trends presentations. Along with them, they have scheduled “a number of live conversations focusing on a few current issues, which are topical for the market and the fashion & luxury trade industry. As per schedule, they have arranged several e-forums, innovation talks and digital workshops on colour and digital marketing”.

Information and details

Everyone may participate in Lineapelle Virtual Networking digital events. The opening is scheduled on Tuesday 14 July 2020, at 3.30 pm CEST. Shortly after, it will take place the first e-forum, namely “The importance of respect and responsibility: a way to be conscious”. All the events will be in English and will be running on Zoom platform. Please click here or here to see the fully detailed schedule of A New Point Of View / Lineapelle Virtual Networking and the links to sign up for the participation in the events.

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