Italy’s Senate welcomes the Fashion State, as Italian fashion is a driving force. Standing ovation for leather

Italy’s fashion system is one of the propellers of domestic economy, and leather industry is one of its crown jewels. On March 5, at the Senate, in the Koch hall, they held the presentation of Lo Stato della Moda (The Fashion State), a publication promoted by Confindustria Moda. During the event, arranged by the working association together with Senator Gianluca Castaldi (he is the general secretary of the industry, trade and tourism commission), they highlighted, once again, the valuable merits of the overall fashion industry. In fact, looking at 2018 financial figures, its revenues have been going up (+0.9%): therefore, fashion plays a leading role when it comes to Italy’s business credit balance. Speakers praised, in particular, the leather sector. Sociologist Francesco Morace did emphasize its style top quality alongside its artisan and sustainable value: as a clear confirmation of his analysis, the most important international brands have decided to manufacture their items in Italy by using Italian materials. For the records, not only fashion players honour Italian leather: Marco Fortis, Professor of Industrial Economy at Cattolica University, pointed out that the primary importance of made in Italy production is also confirmed by the success of materials used for other purposes, such as leather for car interiors.

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