Leather It Be, sustainability according to Masini tanning group

Leather It Be, sustainability according to Masini tanning group

Inevitably, the name brings to mind the Beatles. It’s a short way from Let It Be to Leather It Be. Much longer (and more reasoned), and strategic, is the development of the project implemented by the Tuscan tanning district: MasiniNuova AlboraNew LifeAntichi Conciatori and MC. A project that’s called Leather It Be.

Leather It Be

Leather should be as it is. Leather is what it is. In other words: sustainable under all points of views. The meaning of Leather It Be consists, in short, there. It’s a path that lasted for 1 year for the Masini Group and brought a complete and coordinated change to the group’s image, both in terms of graphics and communication. The latter is an aspect that was very much highlighted during the last edition of Lineapelle (February 22-24,2022, in photo). “Leather It Be – explains Serena Santiccioli, Sustainability Manager of Masini, which was founded in 1965) -, was born from the shared need to express a deep and shared green awareness, at many levels. Each different based on the company’s specificity and that of its products. Everything aimed at creating a continuous improvement process”.

Continuous and concrete improvement

Putting the base of what is “a real philosophy: a way to think and act”, Masini put it in black and white on its Environmental Manifesto and opened a new door: less is more and less is better. “The Leather It Be project – continues Santiccioli -, concretely satisfies the need to reduce consumption”. For example, “using less resources, reduce waste and environmental impacts.

Reducing the amount of waste and emissions, utilizing chemicals in a controlled manner, saving all that can be saved to give value to the concept of circularity”. All activities are being considered, from the recovery of salt from the tanning process to the stand at Lineapelle, made entirely of recyclable materials. Continuing with ethical and local responsibilities. “All this – points out Giulia Masini, who curated the restyling of the company’s image -, translated to improved production processes”.

Certifications and more

Any green philosophy requires certifications from “third parties”. That’s the importance of certifications on products and processes by ICEC (Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector). The institute added, in 2021, the environmental ISO 14001 one, along with the implementation of the LWG (Leather Working Group) project. There, in the end, an additional step that is both cultural and technical: Masini’s collaboration with the Department of Agrarian and Food Science at the University of Pisa.

The goal, explains the Tuscan tannery, is “to promote research, training and assistance initiatives aimed at raising awareness for environmental development and climate change”. One of the results that came out of this report is what highlighted by the University of Pisa and titled “Alfabeto dello sviluppo sostenibile e dei cambiamenti climatici”, of which Masini curated the publishing. Because without knowledge (and awareness), sustainability can’t put down roots.

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