UNIC and ICEC’s ethical claim properly explained in this video

UNIC and ICEC’s ethical claim properly explained in this video

Simple, clear, verifiable, and not misleading. It’s the ethical claim that states the following: “We recover our hides from the food industry”. The claim is promoted by UNIC – Italian Tanneries and is verified by ICEC, the Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector. The claim was the focal point of one of the “talks” held at Lineapelle (February 22 – 24, 2022) within the Green Theater space. Thirty minutes of presentation to properly explain a communication tool “that allows tanneries to communicate concisely that raw hides used in tanneries are recovered from the foo industry, which treats them a waste”. Presenting it were, as you can see in the below video, Luca Boltri (vice-director of UNIC) and Sabrina Frontini (director of ICEC). Moderator: Roberto Procaccini (editor in chief of La Conceria).



The ethical claim properly explained

Those lucky enough to be at Lineapelle, the reference fair for leather and materials for the fashion and luxury industries, enjoyed the live presentation, which was also held in English for the international visitors the fair hosts. For all others it’s possible to rewatch the event in full in a video. Moreover, all other seminars presented in the Green Theater can be rewatched on UNIC’s YouTube channel.

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