Lineapelle at the Corporate Art Awards: we need your like to promote the restoration of Pompeii ancient tannery

“To recognize, enhance and promote top quality across a profitable cooperation between business and art, on an international scale”. Such is the purpose of the Corporate Art Awards, an event organized with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, alongside LIUSS Business School, and the active support of Confindustria, Museimpresa, ALES and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Lineapelle as well took part in this edition, the third one specifically, while promoting a project, started with UNIC – Italian Tanneries, focused on the restoration of an ancient tannery found inside Pompeii ruins. This is a very relevant participation that requires your proactive support to be fostered and enhanced. In fact, a technical committee will proclaim the winners, after assessing their works and considering, as well, the number of online likes about the submitted projects (around 200 of them). Aiming to recap, we need your like. Posting it is very simple indeed. Just get access to the page, which is linked both to this article and the picture and click on the heart icon on top left. As many hearts light up, the project, promoted by Lineapelle in cooperation with UNIC – Italian Tanneries, will be given much more exposure. Have a go, click and share. Thank you very much for joining us.


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