Liz Alessi illustrates Coach’s attitude towards leather

Il senso di Coach per la pelle, spiegato da Liz Alessi

Fashion is changing, alongside fashion interpretation; likewise, players are about to modify the way they select leather. Liz Alessi, Coach Deputy President in charge of the Materials Development unit, illustrates the current sense of leather, while dealing with the market, which focuses on processes, performance and fashion as well. He also points out that the US brand (which belongs to Tapestry group) purchases “40 to 50% of leather in Italy. When it comes to attitude of mind and problem-solving, here companies prove to be innovative”.

What shall we recall in 2020?

We have published our interview with Liz Alessi in La Conceria bimonthly magazine, in 2019 last issue, while telling about a very peculiar cover story. Since we are talking about the last issue of the year, we strove to refrain (as much as possible) from drawing up an overall analysis of 2019.

Only leather works better than leather

Indeed, Liz Alessi has a clear idea about leather. “Nowadays, people must deal with a lot of misleading information about leather – confesses Coach Deputy President –. Leather is natural and sustainable; furthermore, it turns out to be a relevant item as to circular economy and renewable sources. Making use of leather rather than plastic is the turning point. Compared to fast fashion, it is disruptive”.

Click here to read the full interview with Liz Alessi and find out more about Coach’s attitude towards leather.

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