New Zealand Light Leathers: trade war hits deer leather business

Il problema della pelle di cervo in Nuova Zelanda

New Zealand Light Leathers are facing tough times, as production has been decreasing and some workers might lose their job. As reported by The Timaru Herald magazine, the New Zealand company (which is a division of Argent Group Europe meat giant), supposedly announced, in a press release, the forthcoming layoff of 35 workers.

The deer business

Apparently, the reasons for such choice depend upon the “difficult decision to take into account a progressive termination of deer leather manufacturing”. At present, they process it in their tannery located in Washdyke and they sell it “to some of the most important luxury fashion brands. At this point – allegedly commented President Gary Monkregardless of our plans and intentions, production and export of our luxury product is no longer feasible as a matter of fact”.


Apparently, the gist of the problem is a downturn in the supply of New Zealand deer hides and skins. Furthermore, most of all, the market proves to be rather uncertain. Why? “Because of the trade war between the United States and China, currently underway”. In fact, such current trade war supposedly brought to a slump in the demand for deer hides from Chinese tanneries.

The reorganization

“Considering the situation, both the Board of Directors and the top management are going to strive hard to make sure we will handle any possible layoffs as sensitively and responsibly as we can”, reported the Timaru Herald magazine whilst quoting David Cassidy, New Zealand Light Leathers managing director.

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