“Not enough is done in France to protect the term Cuir”

“Not enough is done in France to protect the term Cuir”

French manufacturers ask the government to properly defend the term Cuir. Filière Française du Cuir takes as a model the measures adopted recently by Portugal and, first, by Italy, thanks to the push provided by UNIC – Italian Tanneries. The ask is for the government to follow in the footsteps of the aforementioned countries, making this a matter of protecting the product and, most importantly, the rights of consumers. Because calling “leather” a material that isn’t leather, means lying and taking advantage of merits and characteristics that aren’t there.

Defending the term Cuir

Leather is recovered from the waste manufactured by the food industry and it can only be of animal origin. Anything other than that can’s be called “leather”. Representatives of the Filière Française du Cuir repeated it many times, and are now asking the government to effectively protect products of natural origin. In France there has been a law that regulates the use of the terms “cuir” and “leather” since 2010, so the association asks the current government, led by Emmanuel Macron, to enforce the law.


“Transparency towards consumers that want to make responsible purchases is a central matter in our time. The abuse of terms by big brands or media damages the leather industry – explain the representatives of Filière Française du Cuir -. The industry is presenting different proposals that allow for the recognition and protection of the material’s specificity and originality”. What are they? “The first is the protection of the term via the application of the decree signed in 2010. Then, the matter must be harmonized at a European level, to support traceability investments to increase transparency for the material in the eyes of consumers”.

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