Piñatex’s parable shows that not everything is game

Piñatex's parable shows that not everything is game

It took all of Cotance‘s stubbornness to get to the result. That is, to amend a portal of the European Community of the material insulting the tanning industry it housed. Of course, the most cynical will say: a battle has been won, not the war against the prosopopoeia of alternative materials. But, in the meantime, the result is there. Because Piñatex’s parable at the latest edition of the European Inventor Award shows that ,when vegan propaganda meets the right opposition, it doesn’t get away with it. Even chatter has a limit.

The parable of Piñatex

We tell the story in detail in the 7/8 – 2021 issue of La Conceria. It can be summarised as follows. In spring Carmen Hijosa, creator of Piñatex, is among the candidates (PMI section) for the European Inventor Award 2021. The event is organised by EPO, that is the patent office of the European Community. Cotance, the acronym that represents the European tanning associations in Brussels, notes however that Hijosa, in presenting its product, uses biased arguments to discredit leather. Natural material that Piñatex would like to replace. The problem, Cotance’s objection, is not just the entrepreneur’s partisanship. But in the fact that EPO did not carry out its duty as a filter, letting its site host so many inaccuracies and defamations.

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