Rino Mastrotto Group issues 12 million euros to fund its investment plan and consolidate leadership

“The last few seasons have forced us not to venture. Now that we can look to the future with more optimism, we have to invest” said Rino Mastrotto Group spokesperson from the Arzignano Tanning Group, which closed 2016 around 250 million euros in turnover. This communication comes after the decision to invest 12 million to consolidate leadership in the relevant markets further. “Today, the credit world no longer has the characteristics of time, and it needs to diversify credit lines. We have chosen this solution, coming out of the traditional channels” they commented. The bond will expire at the end of 2023, with a damping structure starting from 2020, and it has been subscribed by about ten investors including foundations, pension funds and banks. The development plan, over three years (2017-2020), focuses on expanding and reorganising production facilities with “attention to solutions 4.0”, which also includes the expansion of the internationalisation process, particularly on European, American markets And Asian. “This choice also allows us to let us know, analyse, understand how a lender sees us and improve from other perspectives” conclude.


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