Safety inside tanneries, Cotance presents the findings of the Due Diligence to 100 VIP guests in Brussels, on October 9th

More than 100 VIP guests, representing all levels of production and stakeholders in the leather supply chain will be present at the 2-panel debate. Cotance, European Confederation of the Leather Industry, and IndustriAll (Union for Cotance’s fields), have organized the final conference for the Due Diligence for healthy workplaces in Tanneries on October 9th in Brussels. The project was first launched last fall, as a part of the Community’s Social project, with the goal of gaining a better understanding of the health and safety conditions inside tanneries and other businesses part of the chain.  The conference will include the showing of the findings, as well as function as a space to debate and share ideas with regards to the tools available to European tanneries to achieve better results, starting with OiRA, a tool that allows to communicate one’s safety measures and levels to its partners.


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