Gucci’s 100 years and the ‘always on’ way to celebrate them

iGucci’s 100 years and the ‘always on’ way to celebrate them

Gucci’s 100 years in ‘always on’ mode. This is what Kering CEO Francois-Henri Pinault asks of the brand. And well-known analyst Erwan Rambourg, head of HSBC‘s Consumer & Retail Research division, predicts, precisely, that this year Gucci will be very proactive in terms of product releases. But, at the same time, also of content on social media as well as initiatives to seduce its customers. All this, relying more and more on a specific heritage in its possession: big data.

‘Always on’ mode

Rambourg’s starting point is that “Gucci had the courage to learn from its mistakes”. They are the ones committed in 2020, when the brand “disappeared from the radar: it became silent, almost as if the team had pressed the off button”. Since 2021, music has changed and the year started in ‘always on’ mode, as Pinault said. Meaning? According to Rambourg, this means Gucci will launch a lot of products and will be very active on social media.

But not only that: it will hyperactively animate the shops, from here until the end of the year, that of its 100th anniversary, which will end with the release of the film House of Gucci. The analyst supports his thesis by listing what Gucci has been doing in recent weeks. “It all sounds completely crazy, but that’s the point. You don’t buy luxury for function; you buy it for fun” writes Rambourg in Jing Daily, warning everyone: “Expect the unexpected from Gucci!”.

Big data

The analyst identifies some aspects on which the double G brand will focus in order to have excellent performances this year. In other words: the smart use of big data, the focus on local consumers, and the ability to regain a strong voice in a crowded and fragmented field. “The use of the data will inform the brand on what consumers want, how they want to shop and how to adapt to their local needs – writes Rambourg – If you are wondering Who the hell wears Gucci?, Well, you are about to find out”.

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