Safety in the tanning industry, time till January 25th to answer COTANCE’s survey

Union and tanneries, rightly so, gave 60% of the total answers to the survey. Brands and clients make up 13%, and the suppliers of tanneries account for 12% of total responses, while ‘others’ (public institutions, consumers, and not-for-profits association) are a collective 15%. The most prolific day thus far has been November 21st, when the survey was completed by 19 people, while with regards to the total number of responses, from the beginning, the surveyed are 100: “A satisfying result for an initiative such as this one”, say the organizers. Cotance (The Confederation of National Associations of Tanners and Dressers of the European Community) tells the early results from the public of the “Healthy Workplaces in Tanneries” initiative, a project coordinated with IndustriaAll-Europe inside the community social dialogue and aimed at better understanding the safety and health statuses of workers inside tanneries and businesses involved with the industry’s chain. Cotance decided to extend the deadline of the survey, previously set for December 31st, to January 25th, to allow even more responses to come in. Click here if you want to participate or learn more.


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