SMCP’s brands: “no exotic leather” (but when did they even say yes to them?)

I brand SMCP: “No alle pelli esotiche” (ma quando hanno detto sì?)

Here is the news: SMCP’s brands said no to exotic leather. The French edition of Fashion Network used the expression “give up” exotic leather. Good (not great). But the question is different: Sandro, Maje and Claudie Pierlot, the brands in question, have never really said yes to crocodile, lizard and reptiles.

“No to exotic leather”

No use in saying that PETA, a now radical association, celebrated and took all the merit for the choice made by the Chinese fashion holding. La Conceria allows itself to be a little sceptic. A quick look at the catalogue is enough to see that there are very few products (or better: none whatsoever) that are made with exotic leather. Sandro, for example has crocodile-corrugated sandals, but they are made with cow and goat leather. Or the pochette, as in picture (taken from website), 100% cow leather.

What it was used for previously

One could say: maybe it’s limited to this connection. Or maybe, the current collection was designed to be “exotic-free”. But maybe, by looking through second-hand websites, one may notice that it hasn’t been used a whole lot in the past. SMCP’s brands have has little trace of exotic leather in the past. So, it seems that the material never really carried weight for said brands. The doubt that we have mentioned multiple times is, may this be a simple communication campaign, rather than a production one? Refusing to use exotic leather is advertised to get credit with certain entities as “responsible” brands. As far as practical impacts, they are very marginal to the work, yet that isn’t shared with the public.

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