South Africa’s protectionism policy to hit leather business, which now fears provisional or total export stop

 South African government is planning to set a number of restrictions: salted and raw hides export ban, alongside a 20% customs duty on wet blue and wet white trade for two years. At the end of the two-year period, duty will go up to 40% supposedly. Such are the protectionism measures, to recap, that South Africa’s Department of Foreign Trade is currently planning to apply to leather tanning raw material. For the records, South African government is ready to adopt the above-mentioned restrictions one year after first introducing some rules against the foreign exchange of raw and semi-finished hides and skins. Yet, as reported by The Sauer Report, we still do not know exactly how or whether they are going to have them approved. South Africa’s leather association (SHALC) is split. The trader party is ready to struggle.


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