Spain, the tanning segment renews the contracts: agreement reached between unions and Acexpiel

2%salary increase, insertion of a review close (0,5% max) based on consumption prices index (CPI), and first among all segments of the fashion industry to create an equal opportunity representative (delegado por la Igualdad) inside the Works Council. These are some of the new clauses included in the contracts that will be renewed in the future by the Spanish tanning segment. As reported by, the segment’s public unions (CCOO and UGT), along with the employers’ association Acexpiel, have signed the pre-agreement for the document that will carry validity for the 2019-2021 triennium. Now the contract will have to be approved by Cataluña’s assembly of representatives, as well as Murcia’s assembly, Valenza’s one and union leadership: the definitive signatures should take place in Mid-June. The contract conditions’ renewals for the tanning segment (which employs 2,500 people in Spain), has gone hand-in-hand with the footwear segment.


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