SSIP’s projects at Lineapelle95: scientific enhancement, research, training and 8 scholarships to assign

Stazione Sperimentale per l’Industria delle Pelli e delle Materie Concianti (the Italian Leather Research Institute) keeps promoting its revamp plan, while presenting a rich agenda of works and projects currently underway. SSIP participate again in Lineapelle95 (with their own stand, located at hall 11): their technicians and researchers are consistently committed to presenting “a provision of integrated services, in terms of technical and scientific support, research projects and technological transfer, training and educational courses directed at leather manufacturers and the whole fashion industry”. The aim is to “convey the know-how of Stazione Sperimentale, with regard to technical and scientific solutions strictly related to specific corporate needs and demand; furthermore, to provide tanning companies and leather users with new models and paradigms to face innovation and deal with technology transfer”. On top of that, they also want to illustrate their “scientific education and enhancement plan for 2018, which includes a number of workshop sessions on the agenda in the following months (from October till December 2018), in the Italian tanning districts based in Arzignano, Santa Croce sull’Arno and Solofra”. Focus, likewise, on professional training, which lies on the “activities carried out at the Polytechnic of Leather, as well as on the first edition of a specialized High School course to train Technicians with full expertise in Science and Technical Knowledge of Leather and New Materials, arranged in Solofra through Fondazione ITS Moda Campania (a high technical school fashion foundation, placed in Campania), alongside the second edition of a specialized High School course to train Green Leather Managers, arranged in Arzignano through Fondazione ITS Cosmo (high technical school Cosmo foundation). Last but not least, Stazione has launched “a call for the selection of qualified applicants, 35 is the age limit, who will be assigned 8 yearly scholarships (their duration may be extended for 12 more months). Each scholarship amounts to 18,000 euros a year”. Scholarships are going to concern several theme subjects, such as: 1) metal-free manufacturing processes: technology, production and environment issues; 2) sewage treatment and waste recycling in the tanning industry; 3) product advanced characterization in the leather industry; 4) determination of eco-toxicological analysis to implement new testing methods in the tanning industry; 5) management of sewage cycle in the Veneto cluster.


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