Tannery: Nuti Ivo illustrate the green revolution in their new plant based in Santa Croce sull’Arno 

Nuti Ivo Group have recently switched on all the machinery in their new factory. In fact, their new manufacturing plant, which extends across 3,500 square metres, is now running at full speed. The tanning group opened it in Santa Croce sull’ Arno (Pisa): cutting-edge machinery will ensure a remarkable energy-saving and will also remove exceeding waste materials, alongside processing errors. Here Nuti Ivo tannery will focus their manufacturing activity. In a press release the tannery “told about their revolution” while also emphasizing that in the new plant they have installed 4 new automatic spray machines with Energy Saving (to control low pressure compressed air and emissions in the atmosphere), 4 roller paint machines, 3 machines for printing (2,800 tons), 2 diathermic oil ironing rotary-press machines, one automated measuring tool and 3 rooms for drying. Such advanced tools will be fully powered through a few photovoltaic panels placed on the roof. According to evaluation results, positive effects on the environment are going to be immediate: in fact, chemicals and water saving is due to account for 30%, while energy saving will reach nearly 20%. At Nuti Ivo the future is now.


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