UNIC – Italian Tanneries signs a reopening protocol with labor unions

Conceria: UNIC e sindacati siglano il Protocollo per la riapertura

UNIC – Italian Tanneries, signed the document together with the reference labor unions: Filctem-CgilFemca-Cisl and Uiltec-Uil. The document underwritten is the protocol to reopen tanneries. The content puts in black and white the “enactment of precautionary measures to contrast the spreading of the Coronavirus inside the workplaces of the tanning segment”. The protocol thus becomes the basis onto which organizations will base their actions to organize and manage production to be ready for the reopening.

The protocol to reopen

UNIC and its union counterparts, reads the protocol, “intend on further implementing the organizational measures previously set. The objective is to ensure the health and safety of employees working once businesses will reopen, after the forced shutdown ordered from the government via the law passed on April 10th, 2020”. The document, “properly integrated with the specific measures of each individual working context, will be adopted by every business of the segment prior to reopening the doors”. Thus, “it effectively is a Business Protocol that will be updated as the situation develops in relation to the spreading of the virus itself”.

Gradual start

The Protocol can potentially be a document “object to integrations and updates, based on the new recommendations published at a national and/or regional level”. It includes that, “to facilitate the implementation of the organizational measures and rules to be applied, the reopening of activities will begin gradually”. So, “even if the number of workers present is lower than the usual one. Facilitating the implementation remote working practices, for those functions for which it makes sense for organizations. All while utilizing all the government assistance available and modified work shifts”.

Low risk

“The activities in tanneries – reads the protocol – has considerably lower gatherings than some other businesses, according to the government’s tables of at-risk-businesses. In cases for which the conditions are more risky (more frequent in spaces in which workers stay in close contact), additional prevention and protection measures will be taken”.

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