Argentina, the State grants 39.2 million to Sadesa’s workers

Argentina, the State grants 39.2 million to Sadesa’s workers

Social security for Sadesa’s workers. The Argentinian tannery, owned by the Galperin family, announced it request for economic assistance from the state and it was granted. The company’s workers, due to the financial difficulties caused by Covid-19, will receive part of their stipends from the State.

To Sadesa’s workers

Faced with an economic downturn, Argentina’s government created the “Programa de Asistencia de Emergencia al Trabajo y la Producción”. A fund available to companies that can’t manage current expenses, particularly their workers’ salaries. Sadesa had made its request about a month ago, and it has now been granted.

The contribution

The State has granted Sedesa with a sum equal to 39.2 million pesos (about 521,000 euro) to be split among 1,426 workers. The money will be directly deposited into the workers’ accounts with a value of 50% their usually perceived net salary, with the minimum salary set at 16,875 pesos and the maximum at 33,750 pesos. At the same time, Sadesa has also announced it has reached an agreement with labor unions to have additional guarantees over its workers’ salaries for at least 30 days.

No movement

The paralysis of the leather marketplace is caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. As reported by local news sources, the Pena slaughterhouse has laid off 240 employees, while Curtume CBR, already struggling before, has put its employees in a mobility procedure. Such news caused local and national entities on the warpath.

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