UK Tanneries remain open, but the market leads them to close down for the time being

UK, la concia non è in lockdown, ma il mercato induce a chiudere

UK tanneries are still open, and thus they continue operating normally. But we have been advised of one that has closed until this issue has been resolved. Others are winding production down towards closing as orders have fallen off, so there will be more shutdowns in time. As for the rest of the world, many customers have also stopped operating and there is obviously no point in manufacturing while the market is closed”, said Kerry Senior, director of Leather UK, the reference association for British tanning. “Currently, tanneries are not included in the list of businesses that are required to close down and some may be continue operating if there is business to support that, but there exports are shut down”.

Tanning isn’t on lockdown

“For those that are operating, we haven’t heard of any difficulties in the supply chain, with the exception of some exports being blocked.

The employers and employees are working together to ensure their safety at work and those in vulnerable groups, who need to self-isolate or are needed at home to care for children have been accommodated. As to the future, no one can say at the moment, it will depend on how long this goes on for

What to do, is the real question 

The attention is on the government: “As of now, tanneries aren’t a part of the list of businesses to be closed down – summarizes the director of Leather UK -. Some may choose to remain open if there are orders to satisfy. But the restrictions will be reviewed in 2 weeks, so that may change. However, the UK government has provided a quite comprehensive support package for business with options for government-backed business interruption loans and payment of 80% of workers’ salaries for those workers that are temporarily laid off. This should mean that the UK business can endure and return to operations when this is over”.

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