Lineapelle: “Quality, innovation, proposals. Here you can get everything”. Footwear and leather goods of the highest quality, niche clothing. Automotive ok, opportunities for leather furniture too

For its pursuit of quality, for the breadth of its offering, or for logistical reasons, Lineapelle attracts tanners from all over the world, and is a favourite of designers, buyers and global product managers too: here they come together, bringing input from all sectors. Sofie D’Hoore is a total look Belgian brand which produces women’s clothing and accessories. “I attend the Milan fair because it is the most comprehensive”, says Product Manager Federica Richiardone. “We have 350 sales points and we’re growing mainly thanks to the Asian and Middle Eastern markets”. The Mastrotto Group confirms that the automotive industry is seeing a positive trend, while Roberto Pagini of Kosmopell explains that the opportunities for growth in leather furniture are there, provided you know how to target the higher end of the market”. Diverse experiences finding a kind of synthesis at Fieramilano Rho. “I choose Lineapelle because it is the fair that has the most to offer, and is logistically preferable for my clients” – says Fotis Petridis, leather trader for a Thessaloniki-based firm.  “Greek manufacturing? Things are much better than 5 years ago, but worse than 20”. (rp)


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