UNIC and ICEC illustrate leather and certifications in Portugal

UNIC e ICEC parlano di pelle e certificazioni in Portogallo

UNIC and ICEC focus on leather and certifications in Portugal. The venue of the event, which took place yesterday, was CTIC, the Leather Industry Technology and Research Centre, based in Alcanena. Here they held a workshop linked to the Social & Environmental Reporting 2020 programme, promoted by the European Commission.

The event and its meaning

Portuguese tanners, represented by APIC, arranged the meeting. Their aim was to spotlight the Leather Authenticity issue. In other words, to present and promote the contemporary attitude of leather tanning industry towards some of the most topical issues they must currently deal with (with regard to media too). The audience was composed of about 60 people: most of them were insiders and students.


UNIC and ICEC have highlighted some relevant topics. ICEC outlined their own know how as Certification Institute specialized for the leather sector. They did it while taking stock of their activity: starting from Italy’s core business, they are progressively expanding abroad. In doing so, they have been focusing their efforts on acknowledged and prestigious standards, while investing, at the same time, in new challenges, such as traceability. UNIC- Italian Tanneries (in collaboration with Cotance) addressed another issue, namely “Leather and Authenticity”. Such was their aim, as emphasized on UNIC social accounts: “To clarify our initiatives and projects to safeguard materials’ proper terminology and labelling and make clear leather sustainability compared to alternative synthetic materials”.

Pictures taken from icec.it





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