UNIC: the Assembly renews the presidency and takes stock of 2020

UNIC: the Assembly renews the presidency and takes stock of 2020

Renewing the presidency. Taking the stock 2020. UNIC – Italian Tanneries held its Annual Assembly, in an unprecedented and inevitable digital mode. The appointment coincided with the election of its new president, and with the economic analysis of the first 8 months of 2020.

UNIC Assembly renews the presidency

UNIC – Italian Tanneries has elected Fabrizio Nuti, owner of Tuscan tanning group Nuti Ivo, as president. He takes up from Cavaliere del Lavoro Giovanni Russo, president of Russo di Casandrino tannery. “Taking over the presidency in such a difficult moment – explains new president Nuti -, where uncertainty reigns supreme, makes everything much more complicated and limits the definition of future programs and projects. I will therefore limit myself to indicating as the leitmotiv of my presidency that of strengthening and enhancing the Italian tanning industry, so that those characteristics that have made it world leader are recognised, and to maintain a dialogue, a continuous and effective comparison, with all the actors in the supply chain”.

A lively and reactive sector

“I am concluding my presidency in a period that, unfortunately, will go down in history – comments outgoing president Giovanni Russo -. A period in which Italian tannery is, however, proving to be a lively and reactive sector, takings actions increasingly aimed at improving the service and responding to customer needs.

We will close 2020 with a general decline in revenues of between 25 and 35%, and I believe that in the first quarter of 2021 we will still be suffering from this pandemic effect, hoping that all the measures put in place will avert the possibility of a third wave, which would further complicate the scenery.

I pass the baton of UNIC presidency to an esteemed entrepreneur, very determined and who, I am sure, will work for the good of the association and the whole group. For UNIC, there could not have been a better choice to continue the path started during the last 4 years”.

The first 8 months of 2020

Italian leather is about to end a complex year to say the least. In the first 8 months, explains UNIC Economic Service, “it is estimated that, due to the consequences of the pandemic, the Italian leather industry has seen production drop by 29.2% in value and 22.8% in volume”.

Exports (which are worth more than 70% of total turnover) are down by 30.6%. From the point of view of the destinations of use of Italian leather, we note “the suffering on the part of footwear and leather goods, while automotive and (especially) furniture have shown some signs of renewed vitality”.

“Covid did not bend us – comments Fabrizio Nuti -, we have suffered and we suffer, but we are holding on. The data are certainly negative, but they demonstrate our ability to relate and to know how to reorganize ourselves”.

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