Zuma Pelli Pregiate acquires Conceria Centrorettili

Zuma Pelli Pregiate acquires Conceria Centrorettili

Integrations along the chain don’t appear to be stopping. Zuma Pelli Pregiate group (headquartered in Castelfranco di Sotto) acquired Conceria Centrorettili, located in Santa Croce sull’Arno. This deal involves two leading enterprises specialized in tanning exotic hides that will join forces to unite their client portfolio. “The acquisition was conducted because the amount of work done in the exotic leather segment is growing”, explains Andrea Dolfi, founder of the Zuma group, of which the Casadacqua (Santa Croce) site is also a part. The latter, reads an online note, “produces exotic and reptile leather, types that both don’t require the CITES certification”.

The future of Centrorettili

Roberto Bachi, leader of the company for 38 years now, will remain Operative Director of Conceria Centrorettili. “He will follow the clients and all internal labor”, explains Dolfi, who was nominated CEO of the recently acquired tannery. While “the currently operational employees will all remain”, specified the entrepreneur, explaining how continuity will be ensured.

Zuma’s evolution

Since October 2019, Zuma Pelli Pregiate (founded in 2017) has been controlled by investment fund Xenon and, in March 2022, it became a part of Minerva Hub, luxury cluster that is continuously expanding and was created from the merger between XPP Seven (Xenon) and Ambria Holding. The growth of Minerva Hub is supporting the development of all companies that are part of it.

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