ASSOMAC: 2018 business trend stands still, while focusing on sustainability and new management

L'Assemblea Assomac a Vigevano

“It was supposed to be my last day in office. Instead, I am going to be the president of the association, for one more year: what a fulfilling experience indeed”. While saying such words, President Gabriella Marchioni Bocca officially opened ASSOMAC annual assembly, which took place today in Vigevano (ASSOMAC is the National Association of Manufacturers of Footwear, Leather Goods and Tanning Technologies).

Stand-by after a six-year-long growth

“In the first six months of 2019 – explained Bocca in her report – companies had to deal with a heavy slowdown of commercial orders, which actually began in 2018, and had therefore to reconsider a downscaling of corporate budgets”. This is the news about Italian technology for the leather industry then: the economic situation is dull and uncertain. In fact, after growing for six straight years in a row, last year the industry business trend slowed down to join a stand-by stage: production value is still, as much as the number of enterprises and employees. Exports, which account for 72% of the overall turnover, have been dropping by 3.6%.

Technology applications in detail

The economic situation of Italian technology, looking in detail at its manufacturing applications, is rather clear and does not need any forensic analysis: in fact, it accurately mirrors the trend of mid-term and final sales currently underway. Exports of machinery for tanneries: -10.38%. Exports of machinery for leather goods: +16.57%. Exports of machinery for traditional footwear: -14.26%. Exports of machinery for synthetic footwear: +4.5%.

Major issues (two above all)

The former, which recalls what we heard during the assembly of UNIC-Italian Tanneries, held on Wednesday 26 June, is sustainability. ASSOMAC focus on it while implementing the Supplier of Sustainable Technologies, a well running project strictly linked to the Green Plate tool: “Since we do know the process, we aim at building machines that may well meet the standards required by sustainable manufacturing protocols, which hang on circular economy proactive attitude. Yet, we have to disclose it”. The latter is industry unity: according to President Bocca, this is a necessary tool of paramount importance. The aim is to engage actively UNIC – Italian Tanneries (they are already committed to safety and sustainability), Assopellettieri and Assocalzaturifici.

The new management

During the assembly, ASSOMAC announced “a governance renovation”. Pointed out President Bocca: “This was one of the tasks on assignment by the time I took office: heading the association towards its own future”. Amilcare Baccini quit after leading the association, as chief director, for 40 years: his work experience was long and highly meaningful indeed. “We are most grateful: he successfully drove ASSOMAC over the years, leading the association to its current development stage”. According to former president Giuseppe Barrera, he always “considered and managed ASSOMAC as a company”: that was his talented skill. Roberto Vago is going to take over after Amilcare Baccini.

In the picture, President Gabriella Marchioni Bocca and past presidents say thanks to outgoing director Amilcare Baccini, during ASSOMAC assembly (picture taken from La Conceria)


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