Biconic conveyor for vibration staking machines is the innovation of the year: the Best of APLF prize goes to Equitan

Equitan are in high spirits. The company, headquartered in Chiampo (Vicenza), a leading manufacturer of machinery for tanneries, has been awarded, a few hours ago, the “Best of APLF” prize for innovation, during the international trade industry fair, which is underway in Hong Kong. The company, founded in 1998 by Antonio Antoniazzi, was awarded for their innovative “Biconic”, a conveyor for vibration staking machines, biconic shaped, with a central inward in its frame. Such peculiar shape actually enables the elastic conveyor to retain its tension, largely, in the central part of it, as it is shorter, prior to its extension. Therefore, as a result of it, possible creases are let off in the side part of the conveyor. The same goes for leather of course, as hides turn out to be flatter and smoother, especially in their central part. Right twenty years ago, Equitan invented a carbon fiber, antistatic elastic conveyor for vibration staking machines, which was able to conduct static electricity: today, at 9am, the company celebrated their 20th anniversary, along with the rewarding and flattering award. “I want to dedicate this prize to all people that liaise and collaborate with me, since every single product we make comes from our teamwork”, said Antonio Antoniazzi, while standing on the prize-giving stage to take the award, “which is a beautiful present”. “Our work never stops – carried on the entrepreneur -. We are already investing in another innovation we are about to present soon”.


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