New owners change things: Icicle put Carven’s designer on hold, while Capri Holdings talk to Versace’s suppliers about prices

Chinese Icicle, who are the new owners of Carven, are holding in stand-by the job position of Serge Ruffieux, the brand’s creative director, who might be the only one, out of 73 employees currently working in the company, to lose his post. Carven, who are working on their buyout, along with a renovation of their industrial strategy, have not presented a spring/summer 2019 new collection; hence, Icicle are calling into question Ruffieux’s position, creative director since 2017, as they pointed out, in a press release: “Although we acknowledge Serge Ruffieux’s outstanding talent, we need some time to evaluate the overall situation”. Looks like they are about to sack him. The situation will be assessed by Shawna Tao, president and founder of Icicle, together with Isabelle Capron, managing director of the company’s branch in Paris. Moving on to Capri Holdings, who have recently bought out Versace, their modus operandi is different. In fact, after having confirmed Donatella Versace as creative director of the brand, the new owners have immediately arranged a meeting with their suppliers, and they urged them to reconsider prices. As reported by, they held their meeting in Novara, the operating site of the company: here Capri Holdings managers gathered suppliers to demand for discounts on provisions while ensuring bigger deliveries or a potential disruption of their commercial relations should suppliers say no to their request. As reported by the magazine, the meeting filled the employees, currently working in the plant based in Novara, with anxiety: they fear that resources will be cut or reduced.


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